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tv   News  ABC  October 8, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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game one of divisional series turned in to an emotional loss for the o's fans. nationwide meningitis outbreak is glowing larger by the day. how many new cases hit maryland. a road with an un usual name getting a makeover. where it is, what the controversy was all about, those stories straight ahead on this monday morning. happy columbus day. i'm megan pringle, charley crowson out live this morning, he is down at camden yards. we will check in with him in a bit. you might be tired this morning because of the long rain delay with the o's game. what is in store for tonight? let's send it over to lynette
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charles. we have purple and blues on the map. looking at frost and freeze alerts across the area. to the west, looking at the frost advisory there until 8:00 this morning. we also have frost freeze warnings across the area as well. as you head out and about and towards the west, western maryland, be prepared for that. back here at home, we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning, we can see glen burnie 42. 36 degrees and frostburg this morning. we are dealing with 30s across the board as well. we look at maryland's most sweeps on, it's scanni the skies, we are dry for now, that might not be the scenario in to the afternoon. make sure you take the poncho with you. you are probably going to need it. a problem across the region, you want to be slow
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this morning, turn on the low beams to help navigate through the fog. now, on interstate 70, west of the beltway, there is absolutely nothing to get in your way. the beltway, is also going to be in great shape as we look at the west side at route 40, everything moving along, no delays now. looking at the typical 11 minute ride from 795, all the way to 95. pulling up other drive times, no problems on the outer loop, 95, all the way up to 83. that stretch will take you 11 minutes, an 11 minute ride as well, using the jfx to get in to the city from 695s to fayette street. the area will be in great shape. it has been 15 years since baltimore welcomed playoff baseball to camden yards do. you think rain, that was going to send fans away?
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think again. an incredible night for october baseball. especially for orioles fans, even though the yankees ended up winning in the end. charlie, this morning is live at the ballpark with a recap of the night. >> reporter: 2 and a half hour rain delay, first pitch supposed to be 6:00, didn't happen until 8:40. these were this full force given to fans by the o's, back tonight, first pitch from camden yards tonight is set for 8:00. there is rain in the forecast tonight. people will stick and once again because major league baseball dug everything they can to get -- does everything they can to get the games in. a crisp feel weather wise. the o's and yankees did not disappoint. york with a solo shot over the left field wall, broke the tie,
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3-2 new york. the final score was 7- 2. players have been spending the night tweeting reaction. we will tell you what the o's had to say about fans and the experience they had and something they will never forget, 15 years in the making. >> this is a realistic club that lives in reality, they understands the sense of urgency. you can say you got beat bay quality pitcher tonight. that's why teams like that are playing this time of year. we have good quality pitchers, too. i don't have any doubt what type of mentality our guys will have as we go forward in the series. >> reporter: josh charles will throw out the first pitch tonight and the fire department will present the colors prior to the start of the game. as far as the tweets, adam
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jones tweeted the o during the national anthem was electr and bone chilling. more later on good morning maryland. now back to the studios with meagan. remember we have a special section on our website, dedicated to all the orioles magic of the season. all you have to do is log on the, finds the o's news and pictures from you showcasing your orioles pride. some people living in columbia will get a new address, this is happening today. changing the name of coon hunt court, a street in the oakland mills area , the village of columbia to april wind court. today, is the official renaming ceremony. the sign unveiling is happening at 11:30 this morning, 6 households on the street say the previous name created disturbance in the community and the street sign had been stolen multiple times and it's getting a new name. news around the nation, two wedding partys got in to a
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fight, this happened at a philadelphia hotel. police were called in to break up the brawl, this happened in the lobby of the sheraton. one man actually suffered a heart attack during this whole thing and died. three people are arrested, several others ended up in local emergency rooms. two were arrested for disorderly conduct. the third for assaulting an officer. a mother gave her daughter a tatoo. clay told tm he11 year old daughter asked for it and she used her tools to give her daughter a tatoo. a small heart near the girl's shoulder. clay said to them she didn't know it was illegal to tatoo someone under the age of 18
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even with the parental permission. clay says she thinks her x inlaws turned her in because she filed a complaint against her daughter's paternal grandfather. the this is 500 balloons taking flight. we will take a look at it. the international event and what makes everyone feel like a kid again. those storys are coming up, stay with us, also ahead this morning, the push to make english the official language in carroll county. this is getting resistance. we will talk about that straight ahead and give you the opportunity to voice your opinion. details when good morning maryland comes back.
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dawn sky over albuquerque, new mexico, filled with hot air balloons sunday, quite a site to see. balloon after balloon k followed suit, rising slowly in to the sun, and whether you are on the ground or in the air, spectators had a front row seat to 500 balloons that launched
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during the first mass asend shun db we will see more through the rest of this evening. it will be chilly, cool, the ts dropping off during the game, bring a blanket. something to keep you warm and a poncho. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> go orioles. hopefully they have better luck against the yankees. 95 this morning, no delays getting to bwi airport. if you are heading to the dc area, there is absolutely noing to get in your way.
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everything will remain up to speed, through the fort mc henry and the harbor tunnel. using the jfx to get downtown, no delays now, from the beltway, all the way to fayette street. as we check in and look at the topside of the beltway, here in towson, no problems up to 83 or towards 95. new supply headed to the international space station, why this launch was the first of its kind, more on the mission just ahead. deadly meningitis outbreak, continues to get worse. we will have the latest on how it's affecting us maryland, straight ahead.
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the threat from steroid injections, is far from over. the cases are growing rapidly. in more cases in maryland? >> officials say another person has gotten meningitis from a botched steroid shot, bringing the number to 3, and one person has died. the pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak has recalled all of the products. there are 91 confirmed cases in
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9 states. 7 people have died. the outbreak has been traced to a contaminated shipment of drugs injected in to the spine for back pine. contaminated with a fungus causing a rare form of meningitis. here, 7 medical facilities received the tainted shipment. one, the surge center of bel air. >> they say symptoms can take a while to show up. >> health officials want you to see a doctor if you have new or worsening meningitis symptoms like a fever, headache or stiff neck. go to to get a list of all the medical facilities here in maryland that received the contaminated steroid shots. people in carroll county are discussing and debating proposal to make the end lisch the county language.
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the latino population has grown by 300% since 2000. many say they felt welcomed and shared the county's conservative values until the county commission moved to make english the official language. the hearing is set for the proposal. carol could would join frederick and queen anns in adopting a policy. five things you wants know as you head out the door, both partys will meet to discuss sentencing tomorrow for former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky, accused of sexually abusing young boys and expected to get life in prison. fbi says the number of lacer pointers aimed at airplanes is reaching an epidemic level. could be 3700 laser attacks by the end of the year. laser pointers can cause pilots to become temporarily blind which creates a dangerous situation at takeoff and landing.
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today is columbus day, a lot of things are closed including post offices, they are shutdown so they don't have to -- don't expect mail. that's one thing to keep in mind and banks are closed today. vp candidates are preparing to go head to head on the heels of the first presidential debate. they are going to meet to debate on thursday. people are buying fewer greeting cards and opting for sending their congratulations on line. the shift is a challenge for the nation's largest greeting card company, hallmark, which has announced it will close a kansas plant, 300 people will lose their jobs. first commercial flight of the international space station lifted off from florida. 10 minutes in to flight the capsule separated and on its way to the station. the company space x is behind the launch shings first of a
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dozen that nasa contracted to resupply the station. the capsule is packed with a thousand pounds of cargo, everything from low sodium food kits to clothing and computer hard drives. set to catch up with the space station sometime wednesday. kingsville, good morning to you. 39 degrees, middletown, 38, columbia 39 this morning. we are at 39 degrees in willmington, 41 edgewater. 43 easton, rock hall 45 degrees. we will see cool temperatures throughout the day. you have the jacket this morning, you are going to need to keep it with you in to the afternoon. what you are going to need this afternoon, this evening , the rain gear, we can see in the big picture, the showers and storms to the south. this is making its way towards the north and east, we will get in on the action.
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it looks like it's going to be another rainy night at the game. maybe more rain delays. i don't believe we will see a washout. not a lot to pick up on, we will see a coastal low slide up towards the north and looks like lit stay away from us but pumping in cloud cover as we head through the rest of the day. the high temperature around 57 degrees on this columbus day. tonight, temperatures 42s showers, it will be chilly and by tomorrow, maybe an am shower, plenty of sunshine moving in to the picture, especially in to thursday. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with patchy fog across the region. expect reduced visibility, a good morning to turn on the low beams. first crash of the day, in harford county, on krauss mill road. no delays now from bel air, all the way to white mash.
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downtown, 95, everything up to speed. you are looking at the typical 8 minute ride. northbound from the bellway to the toll plaza. harbor clear. drive times, notice 695, going to be in great shape from parkville, up to towards towson, traffic picking up on the west side, no significant delays as of yet. if you are heading to the outer loop k 795, towards 95, that will take you 12 minutes. meagan, over to you. two families getting back memories they lost a long time ago, six years after cameras were stolen, they are getting them and all the pictures back. how poce were able to track down this important item. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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oregon sheriff's deputies have been trying to find the owners of cameras. one of the pictures shows a baby on her first outing, the baby is six years old.
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>> it's a special scene. amazing pictures from her first couple of days of life and everybody came together to reunite us with it. it's good. >> the families plan to meet with the sheriff's office today to prove may are the owners -- they are the owners of the cameras. hopefully they get their property back. scammers are working everyday to get your hard earned cash, this morning , the latest trick they are using to get you to give up 200 bucks, details on that straight ahead. how much would you pay for this apartment? why the asking price for a tiny flat is so high. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here.
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today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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does baltimore have the answer when it comes to getting kids to stay in class? the district might have the right idea. o's drop game one after midnight. keep the rally towels out. game two is tonight at 8:00. it wasn't pretty. it was down right ugly, but it was a win. if you turned off the game, we will show you what you missed. it's monday morning, thank you for joining us


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